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Is A New Construction Home For You?!

There are many benefits to having a new home built versus purchasing a pre-owned home. If you have been shopping for homes in North Texas you understand how competitive it can be to get the home of your dreams. Going the new construction route can alleviate a lot of the frustrations that home shoppers experience. With that being said there are many other things to consider when having a home built. Below is a short list of the pro’s and con’s of new construction.


  1. New construction takes time and it is a process.Plan for a 6-9 month building process
    • Understand that it is a process. There is a lot of planning and communication involved between a buyer, a RealtorĀ®, and the builder
  2. Some buyers prefer an established neighborhood with mature trees towering above homes.


  1. Obviously, everything is brand spankin NEW!
  2. Working with a builder can alleviate the stress & uncertainty of dealing with multiple offer situations as a buyer. If you’ve been shopping for a home in North Texas, you know just how quick homes can go under contract and how many buyers can be submitting offers on these homes.
  3. Builders offer warranty’s on their product that you can’t necessarily get with a pre-owned home. It is possible to purchase a home warranty for a pre-owned home, but it will only cover certain mechanical items and appliances in the home. Often times it can be left up to the buyer to prove there wasn’t a pre-existing condition with that item if they ever have to file a claim with the home warranty company. Most appliances in a new home will have manufacturer warranties that will outlast a builders warranty. Most builders also offer structural warranties on the foundation. This is something you definitely can’t get with a pre-owned home.
  4. You can start from scratch and pick your own floor plan and finish out or you can purchase an inventory home. Inventory homes are offered by builders and are usually within 30-45 days of completion.
  5. Builders can be flexible with closing dates (to a certain extent) If you are selling a home and your close date gets pushed back on the home you are selling, most builders are understanding of this and are more likely to work with you than the sellerĀ  of a pre-owned home.
  6. Builders offer incentives to buyers that are using the builders preferred lender. This can come in the form of seller concessions toward your closing costs, closing gifts offered by the builder, free upgrades in the home, etc…

If you are curious about new construction homes here in North Texas I am more than happy to help. There are many factors that go into deciding if new construction is right for you. Working with an experienced RealtorĀ® to represent you throughout the building process is also very important, as well as having the home inspected throughout different stages of the building process. For more information on new construction homes in North Texas contact me, Cory Meals, at (903) 821-9326 or

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