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Be A Smart Seller

Be a SMART Seller in 2014!

If you follow ANY kind of Real Estate news, you’re already aware that the “Selling Season” is starting much earlier in 2014 than usual.  Typically we don’t see an influx of people looking to buy a home in the months of January and February.  However, this year is a sort of anomaly!  There are many buyers out there looking for their next home right now!  So as a seller, how do you take advantage of this and what can you do to make your home stand apart from the competition?

Don’t Go It Alone

Hire a professional to help you sell your home.  I am, of course, biased to Realtors® and the value they bring to buyers and sellers.  However, it’s important to remember, not all Realtors® are the same.  Some are flat rate agents, some are full service agents, some have strategic partnerships with outside vendors, some have large teams they work with, and the list goes on and on.  When choosing a Realtor®, there are very specific things you need to consider:

  1. How will they market my property?
  2. How good are they when it comes to negotiating on my behalf?
  3. What tools are available to me as a seller that will keep me abreast of everything I need to know during the home selling process?
  4. Is this person someone I trust in assisting me with one of my biggest assets?

These are just a few things to ask when hiring your Real Estate Professional.

Seek the Services of a Professional Stager

If your Realtor® doesn’t recommend the use of a Professional Stager, I highly recommend taking the time to seek out their services.  Stagers are like highly skilled artists.  They have the ability to create scenery that appeals to all five senses.   Having a home professionally staged is about dressing the home for sale.  Staging the home makes it feel bigger, brighter, warmer, more inviting, and best of all, makes buyers want to buy it!

Take High Quality Photos

I am amazed when I see new listings hit the market and it’s OBVIOUS that the Realtor® simply took out their “smart” phone, snapped some photos and thought that was OK to use to “Market” the property.  These photos are put online and most times, this IS the VERY FIRST IMPRESSION that a prospective buyer will have of your home.  As we all know, first impressions are EVERYTHING!!!  They can be the determining factor as to someone wanting to schedule a showing on your home, or someone just clicking on to the next listing.

And while we’re talking about photos – don’t settle for just 1 photo of the house.  I’ve heard many buyers say, “Well, the only picture they have is of the front and that’s it.  I wonder what’s wrong with the property?”  Take advantage of the amount of photos MLS (Multiple Listing Service) allows you to use – most cases up to 25 photos!

Have Your Home Inspected

I can here it now – “Doesn’t the buyer usually have an inspection when we get a contract?  Why have my home inspected BEFORE I list my home?”  The answer is simple – yes, typically the buyer will want to do an inspection on the property after there is a contract.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they’re going to find BEFORE they know what they’re going to find?  Take it a step further – wouldn’t it be nice to know what they’re going to find before they find it, have an opportunity to correct whatever issue it is, and it not show up on their inspection because it is no longer an issue?

By having your home inspected BEFORE you list it, you have an opportunity to identify issues that need to be addressed that you might not have otherwise known about.  Let’s face it, you’re not a professional inspector – neither is your Realtor®.  Sure you can find the obvious things (signs of the house settling, light bulbs burnt out or not operational, and the missing shingle on the roof), but how about if your oven is holding the right temperature, or that your A/C unit needs to be serviced, or that there might be some electrical issue that has gone unnoticed.  Being able to correct these issues before a prospective buyer “finds” it, makes the inspection period a little less stressful!

Now, let me be perfectly clear – by no means should you try to “hide” or “conceal” any material defects from a prospective buyer – it is unethical, immoral and illegal.  In most instances, you MUST disclose any known defects, repaired or not, on the Seller’s Disclosure.

Be Flexible

Lastly, be flexible!  The goal is to sell the house, so the house needs to be available to be sold.  When showings are being scheduled, be flexible – don’t deny showings just because you don’t want to leave the house for a little bit.   Now, I understand that there are times that you can’ reschedule, and that’s OK, just don’t make a habit out of it!

The real estate market is shaping up to be phenomenal for 2014!  Take these few tips to make your home stand out from the rest!  At AMX Realty – The Meals Group, we are here to help you sell your home!  Contact us today to see how much your home is worth, how we will market your property and get it sold!  Thank you for reading our post, and be sure to “Like” & “Share” it with your friends and family!

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